We set this group up because we became aware that there are many people who are tempted to try this sport and are maybe a bit wary of joining a big club or have no idea where to start.

Our Objective is to encourage people into the sport of triathlon by being open to all and will be equally welcoming to seasoned athletes and new starters.


We are based in  mid Cheshire. We have members from Winsford, Northwich, Helsby, Chester, Warrington, Tarporley, Crewe and Wilmslow.

Our Club Motto - "True Warriors leave no one behind"

We do not want to be a group of individuals doing their own thing under a club name - we want EVERYONE who is a member to encourage, support, and help each other out and always be ready to give back to the group.

We encourage people to actively post up their own training activities, events and information so that other members can join in and support.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who is not living up to this ethos. 

As much as possible we want everyone to know everyone else so at certain times we might limit numbers of members to ensure this is the case.

We will aim for the group to be free to join. 

Any "benefits" from being a part of the club  will only be able to be claimed through the purchase of club kit which in the first instance is a Club Hoodie. 


Our Club Mascot is a Clownfish from where we get our club colours.

We would like people to wear club kit and put our name as their club of choice when entering events etc but we are not precious about it as we understand the costs of joining and being part of any sport.

Through the Tri Season you will find most of our swimming training is done at the local lakes at Manley, Fourways Quarry and Boundary.  
We also arrange group rides and runs.


Hot drinks and cake are a necessity after a swim so if you are good at baking you will fit in well!

During the off-season you are most likely to find us swimming in the mornings at Brio Winsford.  Group rides around the lanes of Cheshire usually result in a trip to a cafe for coffee and cake!

Remember sport should be about having a bit of fun - there will always be people faster and slower than you so don't worry give it a go!!

Just as a catch all. Any training is done at your own risk this applies to any activity seen to be under the club name such as a run, bike ride or swim. 

We are NOT certified coaches so any advice we give is given from individual personal experience and should be taken as such.